Electronic Cigarettes

Over the course of time, electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular. People who are trying to stop smoking, are now giving electronic cigarettes a chance. In case you are also one of those and have recently stepped into this world, then it is obvious that you are currently trying to buy the right product. If you go through internet, even your local stores you will see that there are more than enough options available for you. If you have no such idea about Electronic cigarettes then the best thing for you to do will be go with the masses. You can check on different sites and find the reviews of different e-cigarettes and according to that you can choose one. But in case you do not believe in those reviews much and want to find the best, then you need to remember a lot more before you can choose the right one.


The general idea of buying an electronic cigarette is that it will give them the same “feeling” as with smoking but with less health risks. All e-cigarettes have their own unique look and design, some are designed to look very similar to cigarettes, some are small and some are big. For a wide variety of different electronic cigarettes you can take a look here.

Vapor Quality

If you are thinking about vaping, you will most probably want to buy an electronic cigarette that will produce a decent amount of vapor and flavour. Generally you will want to go for a device that offers subohm coils, these coils are known to produce good amounts of vapor and flavor.

Nicotine Level

The nicotine level in your e-juice is very important. Most cigarette smokers who are trying to switch over to e-cigarettes will need an e-juice with a higher amount of nicotine in it in order to satisfy their nicotine craving they were getting from regular cigarettes. Usually an ejuice that contains 6mg to 9mg of nicotine is a good starting point, over time you can go down to a 3mg e-juice and eventually a 0mg e-juice.


One of the most important things that you need to think about when you buy an electronic cigarette is the battery. It is important that you choose a device that has a battery that lasts long without you having to charge it in every few hours. Generally a device with a battery of 800Mah or higher will suffice.

Most electronic cigarettes in South Africa come with a built in battery, however there are also many devices out there where you can buy a battery/batteries separately for the device. Its best to charge the battery before it is completely flat, as leaving it to go flat every time before charging will decrease its lifespan.

Flavours (E-liquid, E-juice)

A high quality/premium E-liquid is one of the most important aspects to vaping (using an electronic cigarette) and is often overlooked. There are literally hundreds of different flavours available for electronic cigarettes, there is something for everyone. Some of the most popular flavours available are Strawberry Milkshake, Custard, fruity flavours and pudding flavours. While there many different brands out there offering these flavours, not all may taste good. You can view and buy our premium range of E-liquid here.


When looking at different electronic cigarettes to buy, don’t simply go for the cheapest option available, chances are you will be disappointed. Paying a bit extra for a high quality device will probably give you a far better experience as well as increase the chances of quitting cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette usage is growing at a rapid rate in South Africa, however there are still many people who don’t know much about them and do not understand that it is different to smoking. While it may be legal to Vape (use an electronic cigarette) in a restaurant or shopping center, we advise against this, it may not be the same as smoking but people who don’t understand what electronic cigarettes are will not be happy.

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